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Type Snack machine
Make/Model Crane 173
Serial number ???
Original owner Protospace
Loan status
Arrival date
Location Kitchen
Functional status Functional
Usage permissions Everyone
Certification None
Wiki-ID 177
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"


  • PosiVend™ guaranteed delivery system
  • Product capacity up to 672 items
  • Free-vend, cash, credit or debit card capable
  • Continuous price rolls permit quick changes of product pricing
  • Upgraded to accept Protocoin via member RFID cards with Protospace Space-Vend the Cashless Vending MDB Controller Mk. IV: Vend harder.


Caution: Never shake, rock, or tip the vending machine. It weighs a lot more than you, and you will be hurt or killed when it lands on you.

You won't get free product, and if it's jammed, someone with a key can make it right. Do not die for a bag of chips.

Cash (Cold hard coinage)

Short Version:

Insert coin(s), make selection, get product.

Longer Bikeshed Version:

  1. Insert coins to add sufficient credit.
    • At any point press the coin return to end the transaction and receive a refund for any credit.
  2. Make a selection
  3. If sufficient credit, attempt vend:
    1. If laser break-beam is triggered, vend assumed successful, transaction finalized and change provided as necessary.
    2. If laser break-beam is NOT triggered, mark selection sold out, Goto 2.
  4. Profit?

Protocoin (using member RFID card)

Short Version:

Tap member card, make selection, get product.

Longer Bikeshed Version:

  1. Establish Protocoin balance on Spaceport Paymaster,
  2. Tap member card on indicated reader,
    • Spacevend controller will query Spaceport and display user's name and Protocoin balance.
    • At any point press the coin return to end the transaction and receive a refund for any credit.
  3. Make a selection:
    • If sufficient balance:
      • Submit 'spend' transaction to Spaceport for selection value:
        • If transaction successful, add cash balance to the vending controller (escrow), and attempt vend:
          1. If vend successful, Finalize transaction.
          2. If vend unsuccessful, mark sold out and return to 3.
  4. Definitely profit.

Stocking the machine

The short version:

  1. Acquire vendible goods, keep the receipt.
  2. Load goods in the vending machine.
  3. Submit receipt to payme@ to be reimbursed.

The longer version with multiple considerations and processes when stocking the machine:

Selecting and Sourcing wares

  • Check machine: What is sold out/moving fast?
  • Before buying check existing inventory first - Located inside vending machine basement, on top of fridge, and in overstock cabinet located in fabric room.
  • Try to get items in wholesale/bulk/on sale. General guideline: Spend less than $1.00/item for chips/chocolate bars, less than $2.00 for premium snacks.
    • Consider how fast can we go through a case before expiry dates? Bulk pricing is great until you have 20 pounds of expired nougat.
  • What do people want (todo: forum poll, history tracking/analytics)
  • Non-snacks: PPE often successful: Safety glasses, n95 masks.
  • Physical size limitations - Most standard snacks/chips/bars work, but larger/rigid boxes might not. Check first.

Communicate intent

  • Announce purchase plans to ensure not double-buying

Purchase Stuff

  • Commonly sourced from Wholesale club, Costco, Dollarama (sells candy as a loss leader), Princess Auto (Bulk PPE)
  • Keep the receipt for anything you buy.
    • May need to return items.
    • Need receipt to be reimbursed.
  • Write down the effective cost of overstock on the case so the next person knows the correct vending price/slot.
    • eg. 24 pack of chocolate bars for $19.99 + tax = $20.99 / 24 = $0.88 cost on the box.

Effective Pricing

  • Aim for low-mid convenience store pricing. Some profit to justify the effort to fill the machine, power, and floor space.
  • Usually 25-50% profit margin for snacks, close to 0% for PPE.
  • 2024 example: Chocolate bar wholesale cost $0.95. Vend price at least $1.25.
  • Consider discounting vend price down to cost to move end-date items more quickly

Loading the machine

  1. Acquire the key from the wall lockbox using code from the vending squad or directors lastpass
  2. Use key to unlock door handle until handle pops out slightly, then pull handle fully outward to unlock until door swings out freely.
  3. Put machine in Service Mode:
    • Entering Service Mode will allow pricing/settings changes, as well as automatically reset any 'sold out' or 'jammed' errors.
    • Inside near top of electronics area is a cylindrical white pull-switch.
      1. Pull out: Service mode
      2. Push in: Normal mode
    • Change prices: Outside the scope of this how-to. See manual pdf or instructions printed inside door.
  4. Pull out and lower product shelf to make loading much easier:
    1. Slightly lift front of shelf while pulling towards yourself past retention detent (like a desk keyboard tray)
    2. Pull out shelf approximately 3-4 toast until able to tilt downwards 1.5 toast where it will stably rest.
      • Do not remove shelf completely, it has wires that need to be disconnected or the machine will be damaged.
  5. Stock items in slots ensuring each item leans backwards and stays within one 'coil' of the vend helix.
  6. Lift shelf back to level position, then slide back into machine and lift over detent until secured.
  7. Repeat steps 4-5 for each shelf, then reverse steps (3-1) to reassemble machine
    • Ensure machine is placed back in Normal mode
    • Close door firmly (the last few decitoast takes some force
    • Remove key and push latch handle fully in to re-lock door.
    • Return key to lock box




Manual: File:GPL 159 160 172 173 490 MANUAL.pdf