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Type Table saw (SawStop)
Make/Model ?
Serial number ?
Original owner Protospace
Loan status ?
Arrival date ?
Location Wood shop
Functional status ?
Usage permissions ?
Certification SawStop training required
Wiki-ID 172
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"


10" SawStop table saw. Purchased used in 2023.

Has technology that if you accidentally touch a moving saw blade, the blade is clamped down within about 3 ms, reducing or hopefully avoiding serious personal injury.


Size of blade is critical.

Sawstop recommends a blade size of 10", plus or minus 1/16". A blade may be smaller than this this due to repeated sharpenings, and the clamping cartridge cannot be adjusted properly, and that will either take longer to clamp down in case of "triggering", not allow the saw to start, or if the blade is oversize, may cause immediate triggering, failure to start or maybe other problems.

Accidentally triggering the safety feature will result in a cost of around $135 to replace the cartridge, and $80-120 to replace the blade, costs which will be the responsibility of the member.

Requirements for using this are evolving, and as this is not your typical table saw, so you have to do your due diligence and read and understand how it operates.

Wet lumber, metal particles, including staples can trigger it. So members will have to take an upgrade certification to be able to use your card to operate it!