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Type Table saw
Make/Model PCS31230
Serial number None (?!)
Original owner Protospace
Loan status n/a
Arrival date Jan 2023, installed Jul 2023
Location Wood shop
Functional status Working
Usage permissions Open to full members
Certification SawStop specific training required
Wiki-ID 172
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"


10" SawStop table saw. Purchased used in 2023.

Has technology that if you accidentally touch a moving saw blade, the blade is clamped down within about 3 ms, reducing or hopefully avoiding serious personal injury.


Size of blade is critical.

SawStop recommends a blade size of 8" or 10", plus or minus 1/16", with a kerf between 3/32" and 3/16". IF A blade not exactly 8" or 10" (perhaps due to repeated sharpening), and the clamping cartridge cannot be adjusted properly, the safety system may take longer to clamp down in case of "triggering", not allow the saw to start, or if the blade is oversize, may cause immediate triggering, failure to start or maybe other problems. Blades with coated teeth are also not recommended as they can inhibit the safety system.

Triggering the safety feature will result in a cost of around $146 (standard) to $177 (dado) [as of April 2024] to replace the cartridge, and $80-120 to replace the blade, costs which will be the responsibility of the member. See below for links to local retailers

Requirements for using this are evolving, and as this is not your typical table saw, so you have to do your due diligence and read and understand how it operates.

Wet lumber, metal particles, including staples can trigger it. So members will have to take an upgrade certification to be able to use your card to operate it!

Replacement Cartridges

These are the local retailers that sell replacement cartridges, as of April 2024


Saw won't turn on

  • Ensure it's plugged into the wall (cord is labelled)
  • Ensure you've authorized with the lockout and the green LED is on
  • Wait until the red LED on the SawStop has stopped blinking, then pull the paddle

Riving knife is misaligned

Make sure sawdust isn't jammed in: loosen the lever and blow out beside the riving knife with shop air.

Make sure the riving knife hasn't been bent: confirm misalignment near the base with a ruler.

If the riving knife is truly misaligned, follow this procedure.

How to remove the side access panel

Since the side access panel doesn't open all the way, you can just remove it by pulling out the metal pin downward.

Tilt control is lost / loose

The tilt control wheel can become loose or disconnected if an internal collar falls off.

  • Open / remove the side access panel (see above)
  • Find both the bushing and collar
  • Grab a 3 mm hex driver (yellow T-handled ones can be found near metal lathe)
  • Re-engage control wheel and turn all the way to 45°
  • Reinstall bushing and collar on shaft like this photo, tighten set screw

Removing an activated brake cartridge

The cartridge & blade are likely to be fused together, which requires both pieces being removed together.

  • First, lower the blade as far as it will go. This should trigger the cartridge release.
  • Raise the blade as high as it will go
  • Remove the red locking handle
  • If the blade & cartridge will not easily slide out, use a Sawstop wrench to pry it out.

Dado blades

Dado stack sets that have full-diameter chippers are *not* supported, as told by Sawstop support. Use of these, even with everything properly setup, can result in the arbor being bent at the time of cartridge activation due to the significant kinetic energy & inertia resulting from the even-more-than-normal mass of this type of dado blade. Only 2-tooth 'rectangular' chippers are supported by the dado brake cartridge.


The Dado maximum width given by SawStop is 29/32". If using a full Dado stack with the OEM Arbor Washer and Arbor Nut, the Arbor Nut may extend slightly, 1 or 2 threads beyond the end of the Arbor. While there is enough thread within the Arbor Nut on the Arbor to keep the full Dado stack secure and the direction of rotation of the blade when cutting will not loosen the Arbor Nut, there is an alternative to the OEM Arbor Washer and Arbor Nut available to get full thread engagement, the Woodpeckers Dado Nut. The Woodpeckers Dado Nut can be found in the bag with the SawStop manual attached to the front of the SawStop.



2023-12-10: Triggered on metallic angle cutting jig. No flesh was involved.

2024-03-07: Dado cartridge activation on paddle-pull, as discussed here.