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→‎Preparing to add a tool: bolded leading sentence/phrase of each bullet point for easier visual scanning (and adjusted wording of one to work better with that)
==Preparing to add a tool==
* '''Gather information on the tool. ''' Try to get as much of the following information as you can, but don't worry about missing information as long as its absence won't keep anyone from figuring out which physical tool at Protospace corresponds to which gallery entry or page on the wiki. You '''must''' provide enough information for that purpose, whether it's in the form of a photo showing distinctive markings, a serial number, or (reverse approach) a label on the tool linking to the wiki page. If you do not, your addition will be meaningless and will probably have to be deleted and recreated from scratch.* '''Decide whether what kind of entry you want to add :''' 1) just an entry in the [[tools we have|tools gallery]] or 2) a full page about the tool. The latter is generally preferable because it's more useful to people looking for info on the tool in the future, and because it allows the assignment of a Wiki ID number for the tool. Even if you feel like you only have enough information for a gallery entry, you may still (and are encouraged to) make a full page, because this make it easier for others to fill in that info later.* '''Take a photo of the tool.'''
** Try to take it in good lighting.
** If you can, make the background as uncluttered as possible. (Suggestions: Put the tool against a blank wall or on a clean table. Put a piece of cardboard or plywood behind the tool. Edit the photo to blur the background/surroundings.)

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