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These are makerspace and Protospace specific terms that you should know.
====== '''bay 108''' ======
*The bay containing the metal shop.
====== '''bay 110''' ======
*The bay containing the wood shop.
====== '''bar o’clock''' ======
*Pre-pandemic social gathering after Meet & Geek.
====== '''bikeshedding''' ======
*Futile investment of time and energy in discussion of marginal technical issues.
*[ <nowiki>[more]</nowiki>]
====== '''DMZ''' ======
*The area between the mitre saw and garage door in the woodshop (bay 110).
*(also called the no-fly zone)
====== '''dogfooding''' ======
*The practice of using one's own products or services to help find bugs.
*[ <nowiki>[more]</nowiki>]
====== '''do-ocracy''' ======
*An organizational structure in which people are encouraged to set goals and accomplish tasks on their own, rather than leaders assigning tasks or roles to a particular person or group. Individuals are “free” to do tasks that they feel they should be done and minimal supervision or permission is required. The success or failure of a particular project is linked directly to the efforts of the people who do the things.
*[ <nowiki>[more]</nowiki>]
====== '''grok''' ======
*To understand something intuitively or by empathy.
====== '''meet & geek''' ======
*Weekly event, traditionally held on Tuesday evenings between 1900 and 2100, where Protospace welcomes visitors for tours, and when many Protospace members (a.k.a. Protospacers) gather to socialize and bikeshed.
====== '''microwave hour''' ======
*The time it takes for someone to complete a project you can do in about an hour with a salvaged microwave oven transformer. We have never completed a Microwave hour.
====== '''rubber ducking''' ======
*Derived from the problem solving process of explaining your problem out-loud to an inanimate object, evolved to include arriving at a solution while articulating your problem in email/discussion post before hitting send.
====== '''toast''' ======
*A unit of volume, weight, distance, equal to a single slice of standard toast.
====== '''yak shaving''' ======
*Any apparently useless activity which, by allowing you to overcome intermediate difficulties, allows you to solve a larger problem.
*[ <nowiki>[more]</nowiki>]
====== '''XY problem''' ======
*Asking about your attempted ''solution'' rather than your actual ''problem.''
*The person asking for help obscures the real issue, ''X'', because instead of asking directly about issue ''X'', they ask how to solve a secondary issue, ''Y'', which they believe will allow them to resolve issue ''X'' on their own.
*[ <nowiki>[more]</nowiki>]

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