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These are makerspace and Protospace specific terms that you should know.
'''bay 108'''
* The bay containing the metal shop.
'''bay 110'''
* The bay containing the wood shop.
* The area between the mitre saw and garage door in the woodshop(bay 110).* (also called the no-fly zone)
*An organizational structure in which people are encouraged to set goals and accomplish tasks on their own, rather than leaders assigning tasks or roles to a particular person or group. Individuals are “free” to do tasks that they feel they should be done and minimal supervision or permission is required. The success or failure of a particular project is linked directly to the efforts of the people who do the things.
*[ <nowiki>[more]</nowiki>]
'''microwave hour'''
* The time it takes for someone to complete a project you can do in about an hour with a salvaged microwave oven transformer. We have never completed a Microwave hour.
*A unit of volume, weight, distance exactly , equal to one a single slice of standard toast.
'''yak shaving'''

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