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==Preparing to add a tool==
Each tool is assigned a Wiki ID. This The ID's numbers are assigned in a chronological order.<br />The first step when adding a tool is to chose the next available ID number, which will be used when assigning the picture name, as well as creating a redirect page for short URL'sURLs.
To view the next available WIKI Wiki ID ( and the ID's numbers that have been assigned), click [[0 |here]]
==Adding the Picture==
* When taking the picture, try to take it in good lighting in a blank (or cardboard/plywood) background. Then crop it accordingly.
**Add a picture file, click the [[Special:Upload]] link on the left menu (or the one I just linked).
**Give the The picture the unique 's filename based on should use the WIKI ID chosen aboveformat ''ID_number_of_tool.file_extension''. example ": [[:File:106.jpg|106.jpg"]]
**Give the picture a short description and upload it.

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