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→‎Adding Content to the Tool Page: fixed dumb code and added code formatting
* There is a [[template:EquipmentPage|template]] made (you can click that link to see more). Don't edit the Template. Use it. Copy and paste the following code into the edit box of the new tool page:
  <pre><nowiki>{{Template:EquipmentPage</nowiki> <nowiki>|toolname=</nowiki> <nowiki>|model=</nowiki> <nowiki>|serial=</nowiki> <nowiki>|owner=</nowiki> <nowiki>|loanstatus=</nowiki> <nowiki>|arrived=</nowiki> <nowiki>|location=</nowiki> <nowiki>|status=</nowiki> <nowiki>|permission=</nowiki> <nowiki>|certification=</nowiki> <nowiki>|itemphoto=[[File:.jpg|350px|thumb|right|]]</nowiki> <nowiki>}}</nowiki> <nowiki>==Specs==</nowiki> </pre>
* Then fill in the missing info. Anything not applicable write N/A, anything unknown leave ?? so someone in the future can know it needs filing in.

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