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Obviously, printer ribbons and blank cards aren't free, but the supplies are minimal -- the ribbon and blank plastic card costs less than a dollar, depending on shipping, and a new RFID card adds about 25 cents. There will be a contribution jar, and acontribution of a toonie each time you replace a card would be excellent, a loonie would be cool, but this is not required.
== What do they look like? ==
See the [[#Sample Images|sample image gallery]] below.
== What about lanyards and holders? ==
This printer was actually bought to do souvenir name tags at a large scout function a while back. The kids loved them.
== Sample Images ==
=== Portrait ===
=== Landscape ===
== I have a great idea for a design! ==
The card dimensions are 2.13 inches by 3.38 inches (CR80, same as a credit card).
The software takes any common graphic format, including Photoshop PSD.
The printer doesn't do full bleed very well, especially on the short edge, so I just leave a 1.25mm white border, which I think looks neater.
The text is added by the software, and don't forget to leave space for punch on the top.

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