Scoperta Massage Chair

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This page is archived as its information is no longer current.
Last update: in August 2013.
Current information on this subject can be found at


Member name: Dan Damron

Member contact:

Project name:Scoperta Massage Chair

Storage location:floor space @ back of bay

Completion Date: September 11, 2013


  1. YYYYMMDD - Created the project storage page in the wiki
  2. 20130801 - tested chair functional - examined drive circuits - determined all but one motor runs on 12 volts.
  3. 20130805 - acquired DC drive motor - first attempt at motor mount failed and a rethink done.
  4. 20130812 - created hbridge drive electronics for new DC motor - tested circuit.
  5. 20130822 - created new motor mount for 12V DC motor / installed new motor / tested.

Sponsorship Project Status

Leads: Dan Damron, Jim Akeson, Mike Hermann, SCOPERTA

Pitch: new prop for Scoperta - fully functional massage chair


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Sponsorship Project weekly updates

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