Saw, compound mitre, metal (Ryobi)

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Chopsaw Metal.jpg
This article is about a tool that is no longer at Protospace.
Further information can be found below.
  • Type: Chop Saw (Metal Cutting)
  • Make/Model: Ryobi
  • Serial Number: ??
  • Original Owner: Algernon
  • Removed by: {{{removedby}}}
  • Removal Reason: {{{removalreason}}}
  • Loan Status: Donated to Protospace
  • Arrival Date: Pre-2013
  • Removal Date: {{{removaldate}}}
  • Replacements: {{{replacements}}}
  • Location: Metalworking Shop/Welding
  • Functional Status: Functional, needs tweaking (see Repair Notes)
  • Usage Permissions: Open to Members
  • Certification: Self-Taught
  • Wiki ID: [[{{{id}}}]]


  •  ??

Usage Notes

  • Make and model are identical to woodshop tool Chop_Saw_(Ryobi), do not confuse
  • Converted from a woodworking tool, not great at its job, plastic metal from sparks
  • Eye protection mandatory, sparks fly everywhere
  • Be cognizant of where spark stream is pointed, don't let people, electronics, or plastics get hit by sparks
  • Place piece to be cut against the fence, slowly lower the cutting wheel.
  • Do not use on aluminum unless using a disc designated and labeled for aluminum use only. Aluminum cutting will cause the disk to explode when the next person cuts steel.

Repair Notes

  • Converted from woodworking tool
  • Makeshift guards could be improved/replaced/secured better