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  • Note that at many vendors (with or without discounts) there is a cash account (that can't be used for purchases on term credit) under "Calgary Protospace Ltd." Note that puts us under "C", not under "P".
  • Some vendors may want to see your "company ID" in order to take advantage of the discount. This is your Protospace ID card, which you can receive once you become a vetted member of Protospace.
  • By attempting to access a Protospace Member discount, you agree to keep your dues paid, and that, on request, Protospace may verify to the merchant that you are a member (no personal information is shared with the merchant).


Calgary Bolt Supply House


  • Discount varies by volume and type of product, but can be significant
  • State that you are with "Calgary Protospace", and their computer does the rest.
  • While it may work at other locations, the location near us (on 12th) knows us well and goes out of their way for us.



  • We do NOT have individual discounts.
  • There is access for organized "group buys" done through Protospace, but the details are changing.
  • Byron, Jim, Dave and Liz (from Solarbotics) are working on it.
  • Solarbotics supports us in several ways.

Kensington Art Supply


  • Not in Kensington :)
  • 10% off
  • May be asked to show your ID card.

Memory Express


  • Cost + 8% on computers/components. Cost + 10% on Consumer Electronics. 15% of retail packaged accessories.
  • Note that this is an "Employee Purchase Program". Future discounts will be based on what we purchase this year, and could end if it's not used. (They are also not used to "members". If they call you an "employee", just go with it.)
  • Identify that you have an EPP discount under the Cash Account for Calgary Protospace Ltd.
  • Expect that you will be asked to show your ID card.

Samuel Specialty Metals Calgary


  • 9112 – 52nd Street S.E.
  • Discounts available, but conditions apply.
  • Speak to someone who's familiar with the process before your first order.

ACT Equipment Sales Ltd.


  • Mostly for machine tooling tools and accessories.
  • Speak to someone who's familiar with the process before your first order.



New discount to add - 5% off anything at the Makerwiz store - use coupon code:!topic/protospace-administration/wabrbZ8vKhc. Open to Protospace members only, please do not distribute/share.

Metal Supermarkets


Today we received a very generous email from Brandon Frise, the new manager of Metals Supermarket in SE Calgary. He is offering us a discount of 10% off on all items until June 30th, at which point they will re-evaluate our usage and could even potentially increase the discount amount. Members will simply need to show their membership ID cards and mention to the staff that they are with Calgary Protospace in order to take advantage of this deal (remember, Calgary Protospace usually ends up filed under C, not P!) He would also like us to know that they are currently working on incorporating online orders in the coming weeks. He's very open to inquiries for different materials and advice via phone, email and in person. Brandon was very complimentary about what we've accomplished at Protospace; if you do make a purchase from Metals Supermarket make sure to let them know that we appreciate their offer!

Adventure Warehouse


Cory Tretiak has generously offered the following discounts to any current member of Protospace: Adventure Warehouse Imports an interesting mixture of toys, LED lighting for Vehicles, Boats, Trailers, Self-Balancing Scooters and some spare parts (Including 4400mAH lithium batteries). Discounts 20% of anything you see online 30% off LED Lights 40% off 4400mAH Lithium Batteries Self-Balancing Scooters starting at $220 Drift Trikes for $850

~70 flavors of oil and vinegar

Matt Freund!searchin/protospace-discuss/discount%7Csort:date/protospace-discuss/_r58bkUS3mE/SyL63zYUCAAJ

Our employee discount is 25%, so, I'll shoot for 30% until the store is open. If it's stuff I'd lose money on at 30% I'll just tell you and only drop it to cost. Once the store is open I'll probably make the permanent discount something like 20% for Protospace people to use and perhaps 10% if you're buying it for a friend I've never met. But I'll figure that out later. Don't spam the list with orders. Email me privately o.

Shaya Cuisine

211 61 Avenue SE Calgary (587) 351-3665

more details to follow.

Make Magazine

Free digital subscription for Protospace Members or exhibitors (Makers) at Maker Faire Calgary.

See a director for your access code.

The Locked Room

Hi Protospace members, as requested here is the promo code for bookings at the locked room.

Use the following code for 20% off: protospace20off

or use the following link to make your booking