Maker Faire Sign (large project)

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Makerfaire Sign 1.png


Member name: Matt F

Member contact: Email, found via list.

Project name & pitch: Makerfaire Sign. 14' x 2.5' metal sign for Makerfaire 2013. Used every year at Makerfaire, stored up on chain over the metal shop the rest of the year.

Storage location: Vertically stored during construction, next to bay whiteboard.

Project start date: 31 Aug, 2013

Final Deadline: 26 Sept, 2013


Makerfaire Sign Build 01.jpg
  • 31 Aug, 2013 - Project documentation started. Sheet metal is mounted to wood. Eyebolts and carabiners purchased. Waiting on chain & design.
  • 07 Sept, 2013 - Paint stripped.
  • 11 Sept, 2013 - Chain picked up. Ready for cutting and mounting.
  • 20 Sept, 2013 - Plasma cut sign, added red backing, drilled & mounted eye bolts, took to Makerfaire, mounted chain on ceiling, waiting on ladder/help to lift.
  • 27 Sept, 2013 - Deadline failed. Plan for hauling it up, just needs more people to help.
  • 09 Sept, 2013 - Tried again to mount, shut down due to safety issues again. Devised safer lifting plan.
  • 24 Oct, 2013 - Two more shutdowns due to safety issues, but, sign is up.

PROJECT COMPLETED (until next year).

Makerfaire Sign Build 02.jpg