Laser cutter (Trotec Speedy 300) ID:107

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Type Trotec
Make/Model Speedy 300
Serial number S3-4699
Original owner Protospace
Loan status Owned by Protospace
Arrival date December 2016
Location Bay 108, near the door to the front rooms
Functional status Working
Usage permissions Members & Friends Only
Certification Must complete Laser Certification and Trotec Certification
Wiki ID 107




Working bed size: 730mm x 430mm (28 3/4" x 17" ish) 1000DPI engraving resolution Kerf size 0.1mm

Supported file formats: DXF, CDR, SVG, AI Engraves can be done with embedded image files (PNG et al) or with vector fills (Unlike rabbit which does not receive fill information)

Maximum material thickness: 1/2" Higher thicknesses generally have worse edge finishing because of beam spreading out at top and bottom

It is imperative that you do a chlorine test on unapproved materials before working on them with the laser cutter.

Please try any new, strange, or unknown materials in the Rabbit first, and closely watch them for flame or dense black smoke. The lens is very exposed on the Trotec and thick smokey materials, like resin-y woods, rubber, or some plastics, can very quickly damage the machine and potentially the lungs of everyone in the space. Start with low power tests and work your way up.