Embroidery machine, CNC (Tajima TEJT II-C NEO 1501) ID:144

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Type CNC embroidery machine
Make/Model Tajima TEJT II-C NEO 1501
Serial number 3127
Original owner Protospace
Loan status N/A
Arrival date Feb 9th, 2021
Location Sewing Room
Functional status Waiting for training material
Usage permissions ??
Certification Course
Wiki-ID 144
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"



  • Single-head 15-needle
  • arm-style
  • 19.5” L x 14” D; 32” door clearance
  • up to 1,200 stitches per minute
  • 170 lb. welded frame
  • Cost: $8500.00
  • Weight 40 thread

Needle Replacement Procedure

  1. Loosen Flathead screw, remove worn or damaged needle
  2. When installing needle, vertical groove faces user, seat needle fully into holder.
  3. Ensure vertical groove still aligned before tightening
  4. Tighten flathead screw
  5. Rethread the needle

Changing a Spool

  1. Load on new spool
  2. Cut old spool.
  3. Tie end of old thread to new thread. Clip any extra and stray material so it does not get caught when you pull it through
  4. Pull the old thread from the needle side. The new thread will get pulled through the tubing and tensioners automagically
  5. Cut new thread and rethread the needle

Rethreading A needle

To cleaning cut a thread, put new thread under NO TENSION and cut at an angle. This makes the thread end a wedge and un-frayed which is far easier to thread through the eye of a needle

Thread needle front to back (away from user), raise thread end up and into spring to hold it there.


Machine detected a thread breakage