Bandsaw, metal, horizontal (Westward UE-712) ID:165

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Type Westward UE-712 Horizontal-Vertical Band Saw
Make/Model Westward UE-712
Serial number ??
Original owner Protospace
Loan status None
Arrival date 2022-10-22
Location Between metal bay and welding area
Functional status Functional
Usage permissions ??
Certification ??
Wiki-ID 165
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"


  • Blade size: 3/4" x 0.032" x 93"
  • Blade speeds: 86/132/178/260 FPM
  • Cutting capacity 7" x 12" (depends on shape and miter angle, see manual for details or try)
  • Horsepower: 3/4HP (560W)


Manual (different model but same saw, goes by a few names/brands: JET, Acra, etc.)


Built-in coolant system

Automatic shut-off


If you're ever doing/getting a demo of this tool, fill in this section on how it works!

(pages 17/18 of the manual effectively cover this)

How to:

  • not hurt your self/arms/eyes...
  • not killing sawblades
  • set up and hold material
  • adjusting cutting pressure
  • using coolant effectively
  • setting up for vertical operation
  • cleaning and maintenance


Oil Change

Drain and refill gear box oil after first 90 days of operation. Thereafter, change every six months. Use 90W oil.

Oil Change
Date Completed By

Coolant Check

Check coolant every 3 months, <<need more info on what to do if coolant level is low ex. what type of coolant it takes>>

Date Action Taken Completed By


Oct 22nd 2022 - installed