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Vetting Policies and Procedures As adopted January 10, 2015

1. Greeters

The Directors will seek to appoint one or more “greeters” or “membership coordinators” who can carry out functions to increase membership, improve retention and help prospective members through the process.

2. In the absence of a greeter

In the absence of a “greeter” the poor, overworked, but incredibly sexy directors will carry out the functions of the “greeter” listed here.

3. Probationary period

A prospective member’s probationary period starts when all of the following have occurred:

  1. They have completed and signed an application for membership
  2. They have had a tour of the facility, including a basic emergency procedures orientation.
  3. They and the member giving a tour have both signed the “Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement”
  4. They have paid their initial dues

4. Prospective Member’s application and liability forms

Prospective Member’s application and liability forms will be collected by the greeter and stored appropriately at Protospace.

5. Prospective Member’s payments

Prospective Member’s payments will be collected and receipted by a greeter, director or automated system. (If paid online, a separate receipt would not normally be issued.)

6. The greeter will maintain a list

The greeter will maintain a list (either paper or electronic), accessible to the membership, with the first and last name of each prospective member, and the earliest date at which they can be vetted.

7. Prospective member vetting

Prospective members may be vetted on or after their 28th day of probation. (Note: this retains the “one-month” policy but allows for vetting after four weeks, since this usually happens at a weekly open house.)

8. Concerns about probationary members

Members who wish to raise concerns about a prospective member may do so by:

  1. Submitting their concerns in writing to a director
  2. Emailing their concerns to
  3. Raising their concerns in person at the time of vetting

Concerns submitted in writing or by email must be received by a director no later than 96 hours (4 days) before the earliest possible date for vetting (see paragraphs 6 and 7).

9. Prior to vetting

Prior to vetting any prospective member, anyone vetting a member must verify that no flags have been attached to the membership application.

In the event that any concerns are received

10. In the event that any concerns are received:

  1. A director will flag the prospective member’s application form.
  2. A director will advise the prospective member that a concern has been raised.
  3. A director will offer to put the prospective member in contact with the member who has concerns, if both parties are agreeable. This is in the hopes that differences can be resolved.
  4. The prospective member may choose to withdraw the application
  5. The member(s) with concerns may choose to withdraw their concern.

11. If no concerns have been raised, or if the members with concerns have withdrawn them, the quorum of members present when the prospective member is vetted is asked if anyone has objections. If verbal objections are raised, the process returns to step 10.

12. If no concerns have been raised (or they are withdrawn), and no verbal objections have been raised, the prospective member is welcomed as a full member.

13. If concerns/objections persist and the prospective member does NOT wish to withdraw his application, the prospective member’s application is presented at the next general meeting.

At that meeting, each concerned party may make statements, as may other members. Non-civil statements will not be tolerated and will result in the termination of the application process of prospective members or starting the process to cancel existing memberships.

14. The membership will vote on accepting the prospective member. The vote will follow the same voting practices as all other member decisions.

15. If the prospective member withdraws his application, or fails to be ratified at a vote, they may reapply after 90 days. If not accepted on the second application they may not reapply.