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Protospace has implemented policies, rules, requirements and physical barriers to protect people and equipment and assets. Examples are locks on doors, passwords, key cards, welding screens and requirements for training and the use of protective clothing or PPE.

The following policy is adopted to make the expectations clear to all members and participants:

  1. No person shall deliberately defeat a physical safety or security mechanism. (Such as deliberately picking a lock or disconnecting a safety lockout.)
  2. No person shall deliberately ignore or violate an approved safety rule or policy. (Such as operating a power tool without eye protection, or allowing an untrained guest to operate our machinery.)
  3. No person shall deliberately hack, tamper with, or attempt unauthorized access to production computers or Web sites used for membership records, finance, equipment control, or facility operations. (This does not apply to “lab computers” clearly identified for the purposes of testing, training, learning and hacking.)
  4. Any person deliberately doing so may be subject to ejection from the facility, and/or action under the policies to terminate a membership. To be clear, violating safety or security rules, policies or barriers may be considered an “egregious act” and may be grounds for immediate suspension of access as described in the termination policies.
  5. No member shall be sanctioned for acting reasonably in an emergency situation, violating a rule in order to prevent harm to a person or equipment, or performing approved maintenance and repairs. The directors must be advised as soon as possible in these situations.


Adopted at 2016-07-14 Members' Meeting (Motion 16G-2)