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Unaccompanied Young Persons Policy

This policy should be read along with the Young Person Membership Policy.

Some of our older youth members have expressed an interest in working in the space when it is not

possible for their parent or guardian to accompany them.

Under this policy, a young person who is over 16 years of age, may apply to have the restriction of

parental accompaniment waived, under the following conditions:

1. Young People under 16 years of age are not eligible and must be accompanied by a parent,

guardian or designate while at Protospace.

2. A Young Person who is 16 or 17 may apply for a waiver of this condition. A written application

must be submitted to the Directors.

3. The Young Person and a parent or guardian must sign a document understanding the conditions

that apply. In the absence of a formal agreement, a copy of this policy and a list of any specific

conditions may be used.

4. The Young Person’s membership must be kept current and paid. A Young Person who has been

granted a free or reduced rate membership must continuously comply with the conditions of

that sponsorship.

5. The Young Person must have a current Indemnity and Liability Release form on file that has

been signed by a legal guardian and the Young Person.

6. The Young Person must have completed the New Member orientation and General Safety

course. If more than four months have passed between when the Young Person has taken the

orientation and their application for unaccompanied access, the Young Person shall attend the

orientation again as a refresher or meet with a Director, Trainer or designate to ensure that

expectations are clearly understood.

7. The Directors may require that the Young Person have been an active member for a period of

time in order to get to know the Young Person and their abilities.

8. Upon approval:

a. Clause 5.1 of the Young Person Membership Policy shall not apply to this Young Person.

All other conditions of that policy remain in effect.

b. The Directors or the Young Person’s parent/guardian may set restrictions on hours that

the Young Person may be at Protospace (such as: Until Midnight on weekends, 10pm on


Calgary Protospace Ltd Page 2 of 2 Unaccompanied Young Person

Bay 108, 1530 27 Avenue NE Approved September 8, 2016

Calgary, AB, Canada

c. The Directors or the Young Person’s parent/guardian may require that the Young Person

use a “buddy system” with another member; or participate only in a group setting (such

as a robotics team build).

d. The Young Person may not use large stationary power tools (such as the lathe, the table

saw, etc.) without the supervision of a guardian or an adult member willing to do so.

Stationary Power tools may not be used by a Young Person who is alone in the space.

e. In rare circumstances, exceptions to the previous paragraph may be granted to qualified

Young People, and confirmed in writing.

f. In rare circumstances, the Directors may refuse to approve the applications. In such

cases, the Young Person and their parent/guardian shall be advised of the reasons.

g. The name of a Young Person who has been approved shall be posted to the membership

and/or noted on the membership list on the web portal.

9. Conditions set by the Directors or a declined application may be appealed by the Young Person

to the membership as a whole (Note: doing so cannot be done confidentially).

10. It is the responsibility of the Young Person to understand and abide by these conditions and all

safety and security rules and clean-up standards without being reminded. Rules and conditions

may also be enforced by access controls and lockouts based on PINs, passwords, or the

Member’s keycard, including time-of-day restrictions. Behaviour may be investigated by

reviewing the camera recordings.

11. It is recommended that a Young Person attending without a guardian not work alone, and be

equipped with a mobile telephone.

12. If the Young Person disregards any of these conditions, or is observed by the Directors or

Members to be acting unsafely or foolishly, the Directors may revoke the approval of

unaccompanied access, or require the Young Person and/or their guardian to meet with one or

more directors.