Air compressor, 17-gallon

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This article is about a tool that is no longer at Protospace.
Further information can be found below.
  • Type: Compressor
  • Make/Model: N/A
  • Serial Number: N/A
  • Original Owner: CPAA
  • Removed by: {{{removedby}}}
  • Removal Reason: {{{removalreason}}}
  • Loan Status: Donated to Protospace
  • Arrival Date: Pre2013
  • Removal Date: {{{removaldate}}}
  • Replacements: {{{replacements}}}
  • Location: Automotive Bay
  • Functional Status: Functional, needs work (see below)
  • Usage Permissions: Open to All
  • Certification: Demo/Notes Required
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Usage Notes

  • Avoid using extension cords, will trip breakers. 20A breaker preferred.
  • Do not tip the unit, it will pour oil from the pump into the tank.
  • Before use, check the drain valve underneath, it should need to be closed. DO NOT overtighten.
  • After use, always drain the tank. Use the blowout valve first, then open the drain valve underneath and leave it open. DO NOT OVERLOOSEN. This drains the air completely but also the water that has accumulated inside the tank. If you forget to do this the tank will rust and then eventually rupture. This is a big deal, remember to do it every time.
  • Occasionally overheats and trips internal motor breaker, is self-resetting when cool again. Avoid this when possible and moderate use accordingly.


  • ~2hp (1500W)
  • ~7 SCFM @ 90PSI
  • 17 gallon tank


  • Donated by CPAA
  • Originally gas engine powered
  • Engine was seized
  • 31May2012 - Matt F removed engine, rust inspected tank
  • 13Jun2012 - Circuithacker donated 2hp motor from broken compressor
  • 20Jun2012 - Joe P overhauled compressor pump, pulley, cut off motor extras, welded brackets
  • 10Jul2012 - Matt F pulled old pulley off engine
  • 10Jul2012 - Joe P & Greg give compressor pump oil change
  • 18Jul2012 - Matt F & John W machine spacer sleeve for pulley (to fit motor shaft)
  • 30Jul2012 - Matt F & Travis plum and hydrotest tank to 160PSI with grease gun, plum remainder and test, SUCCESS
  • 06Nov2012 - Joe P donates and installs regulator, Thomas L donates 50' hose and "M" coupler kit
  • 27Nov2012 - Joe P donates & installs 120V fan on motor to help with cooling, SUCCESS
  • 04Dec2012 - Matt F donates new hose coupler, Joe P donates & installs air filter, replaces skinny short cord with 8' 12g cable, completes wiring, plugs obsolete unloader port
  • 22Apr2012 - Joe P re-alligns shifted pulley, sheers off motor pulley set screw in process

Repairs Needed

  • Interior fan guard required
  • Cutoff valve needs a case
  • Possible oil leak, keep an eye on it
  • Regulator is fragile, requires bracing