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Type Thunder Nova 51 Laser
Make/Model Nova 51
Serial number ?
Original owner ProtoSpace
Loan status Owned
Arrival date Tuesday March 5, 2024
Location Bay 108 by the pinball machine
Functional status Operational
Usage permissions ?
Certification Laser I Course
Wiki-ID 178
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"


Working Area NOVA 51
Working Area 51.2"x 35.4"

(1300 x 900 mm)

Table Size 55.1"x 40.6ª

(1400 x 1030mm)

Z Axis Height 8.9" / 225 mm
Max Work height 8.9" / 225 mm
Max Speed RASTER: 39"/sec. (1000 mm/sec) VECTOR: Varies with job
Motor Easy Servo Motor
Drive Hybrid Servo Drive
Work Piece table Solid metal blades & Honey comb table
Max table load 30kg / 66lbs
Net weight 430kgs / 946lbs
Available heads 2.0" (50.8mm)
Lens diameter 20mm
Mirror Diameter 25mm
Beam Comb, dia, 25mm
Door Closed 55.1“x 40.6“x 8.9 “

(1400 x 1030 x 225mm)

Pass thru 55.1“ x ∞“ x 1.2“

(1400 x ∞mm x 20 mm)

Laser type 130W Sealed CO2 Glass Laser Tube
Wave length 10.6um
Power consumption 2200W

circuit breaker



Laser class CDRH Laser Safety

Laser Class 2 CE compliant FDA approved

Accessory's N/A


Using the Auto-Focus Feature

Calibrating the Auto-Focus

Setting Focus Height


How to use the different nozzles laser head cone

Excerpt from thunder manual Nova series page 48

nozzle body + 2mm nozzle + 6mm nozzle, Taken from Thunderlaser nova series user manual page 48

The standard laser head is equipped with a 2 "(50.8mm) focusing lens and focuses the laser beam to a diameter of about 0.14mm (when using a glass laser tube). With this laser head, you can perform fine engraving work (such as letters with 1.5mm height) and cut materials up to 10mm thickness with good quality (depending on the laser power of the machine). The standard laser head is supplied with 2 air nozzles laser head cone.

A nozzle has a very narrow outlet (approx. 2mm), which provides high air flow to blow directly on the cutting gap. This nozzle is excellently suited for cutting wood, as this prevents soot formation in the cutting gap. The other nozzle has a large outlet (approx. 6 mm), which provides the air assist to blow the material more slowly and not directly on the cutting gap. This nozzle is excellently suited for cutting acrylic, as this prevents white mark in the cutting edge. Besides, when engraving wood, for example, particles that have been removed and smoke / gases are gently distributed and extracted in the working area. So you get a clean, almost unaffected by smoke traces engraving.

How to use air-assist control

Excerpt from thunder manual Nova series page 56-57

The Air-assist control is an additional tool for laser machines.Generally, cutting needs the air assist with high air-volume but engraving needs the air assist with low air-volume. Air-assist control is available in high- and low-volume for engraving and cutting-jobs via software-setting, this will increase the ease of use of your laser machine.

1) Need image of Lightburn air assist switch. Previous source here was for software we don't use and therefore not applicable to our machine.

2) How to adjust air volume if require? For High volume mode, 1. Make sure machine is not at work and laser switch is off 2. Click the left green button to start the air-assist with high volume 3. Check the air volume under the laser head 4. On left flow control valve, loose the locked nut then rotate the adjusting screw to control the air volume to mean your requirements. 5. Fix the locked nut after finished. And for Low volume mode, you do it the same

Air-Assist Control panel, taken from Thunder laser nova series manual page 56

Suggested Material Settings


Indicate light

  • If laser machine is running a job or user starts it without closing door or water protection, the signal lamp is in red light. The red light indicates the dangerous situation and user must stay with the laser.
  • If laser machine is not at work, the signal lamp is in green light. The green light indicates the safety situation and the laser machine is ready for operation.
  • If temperature is higher than 55°C/131°F on working table, the signal lamp will make buzzing sound.(roughly 80dBA within 1m,75dBA within 5m and 65dBA within 10m,the sound gets weaker as it travels).