ADS-B Base Station, FlightAware, ID:169

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Type ADS-B Base Station, FlightAware
Make/Model PiAware
Serial number
Original owner Calgary Protospace
Loan status Donated by Peter Carless
Arrival date 2019
Location Classroom (south east corner)
Functional status active
Usage permissions accessible to anyone attached to Protospace lan
Wiki-ID 169
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"


The tracker is built using the following:

Raspberry pi model 3B

Flightaware RTL-SDR USB software defined radio.

POE to 12 VDC adapter

Buck converter to convert 12 VDC to 5 VDC for Raspberry pi.

1090 MHZ high gain antenna.

Obtaining current flight data of local aircraft is as simple as connecting to

The Protospace wifi network and pointing your browser to the IP address

Of the Raspberry Pi, and then clicking the “Go to Skyaware Map”.

The current IP address (to access from within ProtoSpace) is or

From outside of ProtoSpace, go to