Planer, 16" Auto Planer

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Type Planer 16" Auto
Make/Model King KC816
Serial number 932438
Original owner ?
Loan status ?
Arrival date ?
Location Woodworking Shop
Functional status Working
Usage permissions
Certification Basic woodworking safety course
Wiki-ID 168
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"

Usage Notes

  • Requires training
  • No OSB, MDF and plywood


  • 220V 2HP
  • Maximum planning width: 16"
  • Maximum planning length: tbd
  • Maximum planning thickness: tbd
  • Knives: tbd


Related instructions

Note that the lever on the right side is used to set the speed. Push IN for fast, Pull OUT for slow.

Push-Pull Lever

Also, a note on the dust hood says "This Dust Collector works a lot better if all the other gates are closed".

Dust Collector Hood

Reminder: Of all the woodworking gear, the planer sends the largest volume to the dust collector. If doing a larger amount of planing, keep a close eye on the blue bin under the dust collector and empty it (a 2-person job) if you can see any 'not swirling' dust/chips through the viewing window.