Hot-wire foam cutter, tabletop, 14"×12" ID:118

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This cutter on the left and hot-wire foam cutter, handheld, 4.5"×5.5" (Woodland Scenics) ID:117 at the bottom right.
Type Tabletop hot-wire foam cutter
Make/Model Matt F single-arm
Serial number 2
Original owner Matt F
Loan status Donation to Protospace
Arrival date June 2012
Location Under the stairs in Bay 108, all the way back in the corner on the first shelf from the floor
Functional status Works
Usage permissions Open to all
Certification None
Wiki-ID 118
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"


  • Wire: Stainless steel, 20–24 AWG
  • Power: Car battery charger or computer power supply works well.
    • 12 V
    • 10 A
  • Cut depth: ~14"
  • Cut throat: ~12"

Operation & safety

Be careful! The hot wire is under tension. If it overheats, it could break and throw molten steel at you.

Plug it in. It heats up. Pass foam through it to cut.

If the wire breaks, contact Matt F for replacement.


Built by Matt F for Scoperta. Some info in this thread.