Air compressor, 80-gallon (MAXair Premium) ID:111

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Type 80-gallon air compressor
Make/Model MAXair Premium ??
Serial number ??
Original owner ??
Loan status Donated to Protospace
Arrival date 2015-12-22
Location Bay 110, at the back, by the door, in the corner
Functional status Needs Work: very good condition (maintained by previous owner) but currently needs power and fittings before it will work here
Usage permissions ??
Certification ??
Wiki-ID 111
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"


80 gallon tank, 30 SCFM, 170 PSI max, 7.5 hp motor, twin-single stage



This compressor was offered as a donation to Protospace on 2015-12-21 by a company in exchange for a tour of Protospace, a detailed tour/demo of our 3D printers, and a thank-you letter. It was picked up on 2015-12-22 along with the Challenger lathe and the ACRA mill. It replaces Kyle Paavola's 80-gallon air compressor.