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The main Protospace Wordpress website is found at
=== Editing ===
You can ask Alan, Andrea, Murray, Emrah, Gregg L, Greg M, Ian, Pat, or Tanner to edit the website for you.
Edit the pages or sections you'd like following the guide to the right.
=== Technical Info ===
The website is hosted on a DigitalOcean VPS managed by Tanner. The same one that's running this Wiki and the MQTT broker.
* 1 GB Memory / 25 GB Disk
* Debian GNU/Linux 10
* floating IP:
* actual IP:
* private IP:
==== Recovering Access ====
In the unlikely event that Tanner is rapidly disassembled, recover access like so:
# Get Emrah to ssh
If that doesn't work:
# Get the DigitalOcean credentials from LastPass
# Log into DigitalOcean
# Select Droplets > webhost
# Select Access > Reset root password
# A new root password will be emailed to
# Open the web console under the green ON button (not Recovery Console)
# Log in as root
# Find someone that knows Debian / Ubuntu Linux
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