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→‎Updates: update for 2016-07-23
*'''2016-07-11:''' We are working out how to cobble together a working computer to run the sandbox. We will try to build the computer tomorrow. If we don't succeed by 8 PM, Steve says he will probably buy the gaming computer he's been meaning to buy for a while, and lend that to the project for a couple of months.
*'''2016-07-23:''' Loads of progress this past week and a half. We failed to build the computer that day, but kept trying. We built a prototype frame for the projector and Kinect. Steve got the UC Davis software running on a Raspberry Pi and everything worked except the last step (sandbox depth calibration), which never worked. We built the sandbox itself partway. Steve got his gaming computer and tried that. We officially gave up on the UC Davis software and decided to write our own. Then Steve got the UC Davis software to work. We also got some tips from Dennis at Telus Spark, which has a working AR sandbox using the UC Davis software.
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