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Type Precix Wood CNC
Make/Model Industrial
Serial number {{{serial}}}
Original owner Protospace
Loan status Current
Arrival date Mar 26th, 2020
Location Wood Shop
Functional status Waiting for training material
Usage permissions {{{permission}}}
Certification Required
Wiki ID 142

Machine Overview

Bed size: 5'(1.524m) x 10'(3.048m) x 11"(0.2794m)

Max spindle RPM:18000RPM (spindle is a AT/MT1073-140 from HSD mechatronics)

Spindle power: 2.2KW, 3HP

Spindle type: VFD based motor. (VFD is a commander SK from control tech user manual, advance user manual)

Max feed rate: 750inch/min

Tool holder type: ER25 collets, we have 1/4",3/8",1/2" (as of 06.01.2021)

Automatic tool changer: No

File units: Default units are imperial. you may switch to metric using gcode commands, it is recommended that you export imperial code.

File type accepted: .tap, .gcode, .txt

Machine control software suite: Mach3 skinned with physics anonymous Mach pack

Will do 3 axis moves?:Yes

Hold down method: Screws, nails, clamps(must make these). Vacuum table in the future

Dust collection?: Yes, separate from main dust collector

Probing: plate style. Plate is 1/4" (as of 06.01.2021) thick.

Suitable stock materials: Wood, plastics, foams, other.

Unsuitable stock materials: Zero metal, metal alloy, or metal composites are to be cut on this machine

Machine history

The Precix CNC was originally pitched by Scott Y. on Feb 7th, 2020. It's purchase for the spaced was voted on during the Feb 20th, 2020 meeting.

The machine arrived at Protospace on Mar 26th, 2020.

Over the summer the machine was idle due to the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic.

During this time Members Connor G. , Danny P. and Zachary J. started to work though the machine and evaluate it's condition and begin it's acceptance work. This work is documented on the admin google group post "CNC router planning/build thread", authored by Zachary J.

Going though the machine it was found that the X and Y motors were both burned out and had to be replaced. The encoders on all axis were replaced and the motor drivers were also all replaced. The controller computer, and interface cards were also replaced at this time due to poor/wanting/or no documentation on parts or interfaces.

Motion system breakdown (there is a error in this image, it should be G320X not G520X)

On May 8th 2021 the CNC made it's first official project, a 4' x 5' art piece that is hanging somewhere in Protospace (can you find it?).

The controller was changed in Aug due to the Galil DMC-1803 card not wanting to register in the system. We have moved to a Smoothstep board with a C25XP integrated card mounted to it.

Motion config (As of Aug 29/21) is as follows

The first training session has yet to be held at the date of writing (06.01.2021)