Thickness planer (Ryobi AP1301) ID:92

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Type Thickness planer
Make/Model Ryobi AP1301
Serial number BA073940500
Original owner Travis
Loan status Semi-Permanent Loan
Arrival date Pre 2013
Location Woodworking Shop
Functional status Working
Usage permissions Open to Members & Friends
Certification Demo/Notes Required
Wiki ID 92

Usage Notes

  • Boards must be ABSOLUTELY FREE of nails, staples, screws, or other metal. Check boards thoroughly each and every time, make no presumptions. One mistake will chip blade and render it useless (drum blades are very expensive).
  • Soft wood can have fairly aggressive cuts, hard wood, less so, if your not sure, keep to 1/4 - 1/2 of a turn until you know how the wood will react, the blade should not bog down at all.


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