Oxygen concentrator (OGSI OG-15) ID:12

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Type Oxygen concentrator
Make/Model OGSI OG-15
Serial number
Original owner Ryan Turner
Loan status Donated to Protospace
Arrival date 2013-05-10
Location Useful Room
Functional status Working
Usage permissions Open to Members
Certification Demo/Notes Required
Wiki ID 12

Usage notes

  • Removes mostly nitrogen from normal air, leaving 93% pure oxygen.
  • Useable for small torches (oxygen on demand, no bottles)
  • Useable for aquaponics projects (can increase fish density)
  • Check and clean inlet air filter every 6 months (probably far more often at Protospace); note this before use. Instruction Video Showing How


  • 120V
  • 0.3hp compressor
  • 700W max
  • 12 psi
  • 15 standard cubic feet per hour (0.25 SCFM)
  • 24 hour/day operation
  • Less than 500 hours on unit when arrived.


Upgrade notes

  • Would be much more useful if could be used to refill oxygen bottle from the large oxy/ace torches. A second compressor is needed.