Air compressor, 80-gallon (MAXair Premium) ID:111

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Type 80-gallon air compressor
Make/Model MAXair Premium ??
Serial number ??
Original owner ??
Loan status Donated to Protospace
Arrival date 2015-12-22
Location Bay 110, at the back, by the door, in the corner
Functional status Needs Work: very good condition (maintained by previous owner) but currently needs power and fittings before it will work here
Usage permissions ??
Certification ??
Wiki ID 111


80 gallon tank, 30 SCFM, 170 PSI max, 7.5 hp motor, twin-single stage



This compressor was offered as a donation to Protospace on 2015-12-21 by a company in exchange for a tour of Protospace, a detailed tour/demo of our 3D printers, and a thank-you letter. It was picked up on 2015-12-22 along with the Challenger lathe and the ACRA mill. It replaces Kyle Paavola's 80-gallon air compressor.