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Type Sandblasting cabinet
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Wiki-ID 130
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Respirator highly recommended.

The shopvac, tornado and hoses likely need attention. Has been neglected since moved from under the racking and plasma table showed up.

Window is 12x24" clear <3mm acrylic, if you can't see your workpiece cut a new one. There should be a stack of three under the black plastic bezel:

  • top outside which gets sandy from the air
  • middle which has the LEDs
  • and the bottom sacrificial which should really have plastic tearaway sheets but never looked hard enough for them. This could/should be glass? Special invincible glass?? Air curtain!??

The sticker on the front says 100psi max but the manual says 125, depends how soft/dirty your workpiece is. You'll want to sift the media before you start, sift the media when the gun clogs often, maybe sift the media for the next user too. There should be an empty bucket for releasing the trapdoor into, a small beat up metal strainer to slowly dump the bucket back into the unit thru, and a bag of media but you really do not need to add.

The supply hose tends to suck a pit out the media funnel so you'll need to stab it back into a sandy/glassy spot or just give the unit a lil bump/tilt to shuffle the media back down. If the gun clogs, press the nozzle *very firmly* into the glove palm ie. plugged, and momentarily "pop" the trigger, it'll thump the clog back out the media supply hose. Good idea to sift then or it'll just clog again. We're not blasting at the glove because that makes holes in them!!

If the hose becomes extremely clogged, it may be necessary to pull the hose out of the side door, straighten it out, and whack it hard with something.

Be aware not all hose barbs/clamps are reliable, they may pop off at 100psi+ so highly recommend eyepro, hearpro maybe less now that it's not next to the big blue compressor, but definitely a respirator because the sealing is not perfect, the tornado thingy and HEPA shopvac aren't foolproof and flapping the door open is messy.

Note that the pink ceramic nozzle wears down and needs to be replaced periodically. The replacement nozzle is from Princess Auto, has the SKU 6320006, and is listed as working with the 6320360 blasting gun.