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This page is archived as its information is no longer current.
Last update: in August 2013.
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Members Involved

Wiki Profile Email
Jim Akeson n/a email
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Mike Hermann Mike Half Hour email
WikiHeadshot MikeHermann.jpg
Dan Damron VE6IBM email
WikiHeadshot DanDamron.jpg
Christine Akeson n/a email
WikiHeadshot ChristineAkeson.jpg

Project Scope

Build and maintain a fleet of Robotic frames complete with a variety of props that bolt to the top.


Scoperta is an On-Going project. We have a mixture of new activities and sustainment activities. These include:

  • development and refinement of robotic bases (frames/chassis)
  • development and refinement of electronic hardware (H-Bridges and circuit packs)
  • support for Scoperta public events, which includes supplies and equipment that Scoperta deploys at events.
  • storage and use of equipment, tools, spare parts and maintenance supplies; these materials are located under the stairs in Protospace, and are subject to an additional monthly rental fee paid by Scoperta to Protospace.
  • periodic maintenance and repairs of Moving Furniture.

Progress thus far

  • 5 Robotic Frames have been created
  • Custom H-Bridge Electronics have been manufactured
  • Custom Remote Control Software
  • Custom Wired Control Software
  • Multiple props - 3 armchairs, a loveseat, and a coffee table
  • Homemade Segway like device

Update: July 17, 2013