3D printer, FFF (ORD Bot Hadron) ID:2

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  • Name: 3D Printer
  • Make/Model: ORD Bot Hadron
  • Serial Number: Ordbot I, Ordbot II & Ordbot III
  • Original Owner: Alan Ferguson
  • Loan Status: Semi-Permanent Loan
  • Arrival Date: 2014 sometime
  • Location: 3D Printer Village
  • Functional Status: Working
  • Usage Permissions: Members Only
  • Certification: Demo Required
  • Wiki ID: 2


Recently updated Ordbot I to E3D Titan extruder with E3D v6 hotend. 2 new Ordbots were also built by Alan, including E3D Titan extruders and v6 hotends! Makes printing a lot of parts a little easier.

Usage Notes

  • Capable of printing with PLA or ABS, but leave it using PLA generally to avoid jams.
  • Donation required if using common materials.