Welder, stick, orange (Acklands 225 AC Sizzler) ID:55

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This article is about a tool that is no longer at Protospace.
Further information can be found below.
  • Type: Stick/Arc Welder AKA Buzzbox
  • Make/Model: Acklands 225 AC Sizzler
  • Serial Number: ??
  • Original Owner: CPAA
  • Removed by: ???
  • Removal Reason: ???
  • Loan Status: Donated to Protospace
  • Arrival Date: August 2012
  • Removal Date: 2016-11-26
  • Replacements: Welder, Stick, AC/DC (Miller Thunderbolt XL) ID:109
  • Location: Welding/Metalworking Shop
  • Functional Status: Working
  • Usage Permissions: Open to Members & Friends
  • Certification: Certification Required
  • Wiki ID: 55

Usage Notes

  • Welds metals together via consumable welding sticks
  • Does not require shield gas, consumable stick coating provides this


  • 240V, 45.5A (max 75A momentary)
  • 25-30V output, 30-225A


  • Donated by CPAA
  • 10Aug2013 - Fixed by Mike Morrow, converted to dryer plug 240V.