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1530 27th Avenue NE, Bay 108
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2E 7S6
Directions via Google Maps

Welcome to the Wiki of Protospace - Calgary's Best Maker and Hacker Space!

Our goal at Protospace is to facilitate innovative and collaborative projects in Calgary.

Members can edit this Wiki by authenticating via Spaceport.

Visit the Space

Swing by a "Meet and Geek" open house every Tuesday from 7-9pm for tours and signups; check our website for current status.

To get a feel for the space, here's an informative 2021 video tour (or Google Drive) and interactive 360° views of our main bays and upstairs area.

Explore the tools we have, with manuals, history, required certifications, etc.

Join the Spacebar forum - members and public are welcome!

You might also find it helpful to know where to source tools and materials.

Our space also offers amenities such as computers, bathrooms, WiFi, kitchen, office, personal shelves, and materials.