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1530 27th Avenue NE, Bay 108
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2E 7S6
Directions via Google Maps

Welcome to the Wiki of Protospace - Calgary's Maker and Hacker Space!

Our goal at Protospace is to facilitate innovative and collaborative projects in Calgary. Authenticate through Spaceport to make edits.

Making at the Space

To get a rough feel for our space here is an interactive, 360° view of our main bays and upstairs area.

Here is a gallery of tools we have with links to pages describing who they belong to, required in-house certifications, and other info.

You might also find it helpful to know where to source tools and materials.

Our space has some additional amenities such as computers, bathrooms, Wi-Fi, kitchen, office, personal shelves, and materials, and is accessible via public transit.


Resources & Information

Sourcing Tools & Materials
Resources For Makers
Links and Contact Information
Set up a Payment

Policies & Documents

Wiki Conventions
Approved Policies
Legal Notices regarding Privacy and Data Collection
Meeting Documents