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m (consolidated and otherwise collected the page-specific tasks I just added)
(Template:id is updated and all of its uses are updated)
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* Change [[Template:id]] to not require substitution (auto-subst?), and fix the category on all pages it's used on (bot?)
* Make a category and add it to [[Template:Multi-referent ID]]
* Make a category and add it to [[Template:Multi-referent ID]]
* Finish writing [[Help:Wiki editing orientation]]
* Finish writing [[Help:Wiki editing orientation]]

Revision as of 07:54, 25 November 2021

  • Make a category and add it to Template:Multi-referent ID
  • Finish writing Help:Wiki editing orientation
    • Templates
    • Categories
    • Editing features
      • Preview
      • Minor edits
      • Edit summaries
    • Moving pages
      • Fixing double redirects
    • Redirects
    • Disambiguation pages?
  • Add category hatnotes to tools gallery sections
  • Finish tools cleanup
  • Check tools categories to see if they need work
  • Go through the orphaned pages and other old pages to link to them and clean them up
  • Write a page giving an overview of the templates available
  • Add more templates
  • DRY and smarten the Template:Equipment page and Template:Equipment page removed templates
  • Refactor Protospace Wiki:Wiki conventions
  • Write a help page for editing the help pages, as promised at Protospace Wiki:About this wiki
  • Redo the frontpage similarly to the Wikipedia one, with colored boxes (must work well on mobile)
    • Welcome banner
      • Prominent links back to main website and to forum
      • How to get an account here
    • Visit the space/contact info
    • Basic info on the space?
    • Making resources
    • PS operational/administrative resources
    • Wiki resources
  • Add some gadgets?
  • Go through equipment pages to find those that are missing images
  • Tasks for specific pages
    • Deprecate the following wiki-ID numbers: 27, 94?, 123, 128
    • Check if the following tools are still at Protospace: 43, 52, 58, 72, 88, 92
    • Mark the following tools as removed: 77?, 80, 82, 86, 98, 99, 110, 116, 124
    • Fix video placement on 49
    • Mark 97 as a donation
    • Update functional status of 111
    • Correct tool type of 114
    • Check if 139 is unique