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To Donors/Lenders: Not all tools are listed, and we always appreciate upgrades to our existing equipment. If you have any of the following tools (or any others) you'd like to donate, please contact a Protospace member or director to arrange for dropoff or pickup. We love tools and give good homes for them! When in doubt, ask, even for small hand tools, there's much we need.

To Requesters: When adding requests, please fill out the date and your name so people know who to talk to if there are questions. Add new items alphabetically. If your request has been struck out, that means that it has been fulfilled as written. If you are still not satisfied with the equipment at Protospace, please add a new (more specific if necessary) request. If your request was fulfilled and then the equipment was removed from Protospace, please also add a new request.

Not all tools have equal priority; this is a wish list.

Tools listed in italic have been suggested for after our next expansion.

General Space Stuff

  • A large room with good lighting and floor space for large projects - Mike M - 2016-11-02

Automotive Tools

  • Engine Hoist - Matt F - 2012-11-23
  • Motorized Winch / Gantry - Matt F - 2012-11-23

Chemistry and Physics Tools

  • Optical spectrometers/spectroscopes of various kinds - Ian O - 2016-03-06
  • Scanning electron microscope - Barrie and Ian O - 2016-03-06

Crafting Tools

  • A large flat table area for cutting fabric - Emily C - 2016-11-02
  • A whole craft area - Emily C - 2016-11-02

Electronics Tools

  • Lab expansion - Mike M and I don't remember who at the Open House - 2016-11-02

Metalworking Tools

  • EDM Sinker (electro-discharge machine) - Matt F - 2012-11-23
  • EDM Wire (electro-discharge machine) - Matt F - 2012-11-23
  • New CNC mill (not sure on details) - Mike M - 2016-11-02

Rapid Prototyping Tools

  • Sintering 3D printer - Matt F - 2012-11-23

Woodworking/Plastic Tools

We can build a lot of these, given sufficient motivation. See Matthias Wandel's website.

Misc Tools

  • Color laser printer (preferably a good one) - Ian O - 2019-09
  • Glassblowing general equipment - Ian O - 2015-12-18
  • Glassblowing lathe - Ian O - 2015-12-18
  • Photography/videography equipment, for documenting projects - Ian O - 2019-10
  • Pottery/ceramics equipment - Ian O - 2019-12
    • Potter's wheel
    • Wet tile saw
  • Thermal camera, 120×160 resolution or better (preferably much better) - Ian O - 2017-05-05