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Adding a new tool to the wiki? Follow this procedure.

We can always use new tools! Please feel free to contact Protospace to donate, arrange for pickup, or drop them off in person.

If you are interested in knowing what kind of tools we are looking for, we also have a member-managed tool wishlist, but your best bet on figuring out if we want something is simply asking on our discussion group.

We also have an alphabetically ordered and categorized tool catalog.

Treat the tools at Protospace with respect! Clean, functioning tools make for a happy crowd.

Rapid Prototyping Tools

Main article: Our 3D printers

Automotive Tools


  • Hot Plate/Stirrer (Lab Line/Orange) - James - Private - Working - Ask Owner First
  • Hot Plate/Stirrer (VWR/White) - James - Semi-Permanent Loan - Working, needs new ceramic top - Ask Owner First
  • Rheostat For Heating Mantle (Green) - James - Private - Working - Ask Owner First

Electronics Tools

Metalworking Tools

  • Tap & Die set (Mastercraft, blue) - Travis - Donated to Protospace - Working - Self-teach, read/learn how to not break taps before use

Woodworking and Plasticworking Tools

Measuring and Inspection Tools

See also the Electronics Tools section on this page for electrical and electronic measurement and test equipment.

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Sewing Machine (Singer 730) - ?? - ?? - Marginally Working - ??
  • Sewing Machine (EuroPro) - ?? - ?? - Needs Fixing - ??
  • Sewing Machine (Kenmore) - Gina N - Donated to Protospace - Working - Open To Members
  • Vacuum Former (complete) - Lorin - ?? - ?? - ??

Old Equipment Removed

In case they are brought back, or, so people who could have sworn we had a tool know it was removed.

  • 3D Printer (Ultimaker) - Brian Queen - ?? - Working okay, needs heated bed - ??
  • Compressor (small/black), Air Tank, Controls & Air Dryer - circuithacker & 19200baud - Loaned While Members - Needs plumbing and wiring fix