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This number, [number will appear here automatically], is deprecated, because it was improperly assigned to more than one item, meaning it cannot uniquely refer to any of them. Those items, and their new numbers (if any), are below:
  • [first item you list]
  • [second item you list]

This template is for making disambiguation pages for wiki-ID numbers that formerly referred to more than one item. Each item must be assigned a new number, and everything about it converted to that new number (on the wiki, at least). Then, this template replaces the redirect on the number page, providing a list of possible targets that someone who arrives there might want.

Use it like so:

{{multi-referent ID|
* [description of first item that once had this number], now [new number as a link]
* [description of second item that once had this number, linked if it has no new number yet]

This template will also auto-categorize its page in Category:Wiki-ID numbers with multiple referents.