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I think the address should be text so that it can be more easily copy'n pasted...

-W (talk)

Main page keeps vanishing?

Possible solution:

Cleared the cache, seems to have fixed it? - Nope, still happening. Needs more looking into, even this discussion page disappeared!

If the issue persists:

Remove === from end of page? Only the main page seems to be affected. - Done, nope (figured) - still good to fix though.

We're running 1.25.3 so this shouldn't be an issue (1.22.1 and above seems to have fixed this?).

Check log for PHP errors?

Raise PHP memory limit?

User:Boots (talk)

New VR images

The current 360° image slink to old versions on TheSphere, I have new ones you can swap in:

The meeting room:

The door between the bays:

I have tons more, if a dedicated page either here, or on the main Protospace website would be useful for visitors. The images also appear under our Google Maps listing.


  • add social media icons w/ links
  • add bus route info

(tried adding these two items into the map/address box and it broke absolutely everything!)

  • add icons to the Visit options? Like a lil human for in person, a video icon for the virtual stuff, tools, forum chat icon, etc... might become icon overload on the page
  • split Resources & Information && Policies & Documents in a more sensical fashion?
  • present ^ links in a multi-column format...that looks good and doesn't get mangled on mobile.
  • figure out why some sections (eg. the links at the bottom) use a far smaller font when viewed on mobile, issue seems common across entire wiki