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{{Equipment page
| toolname = Laser Cutter
| model = [ Rabbit Laser USA RL-80-1290] (where RL is the factory code, 80 is the original laser power in watts, and 1290 is represents the bed size(1200 x 900 mm))
| serial = ??
| owner = Brian Queen
| loanstatus = Semi-Permanent Loan
| arrived = Before 20132012-02
| location = Bay 108, near the door to the front rooms
| status = Working
| certification = Must complete [[Laser Certification]]
| id = 6
| repair_log = See [[#Repair History|Repair History]].
| itemphoto = [[File:6.jpg|500px|thumb|right|The large laser cutter, with its lid open and a piece of material on the bed. The laser cutter's computer is on the right side, with its monitor, keyboard, and mouse on top of the laser cutter's body. The tray of laser cutting tools and samples is on top of its body on the other side. The chiller is visible on the bottom shelf, along with some supplies. The [[vacuum cart]] is visible in the background on the left, with the [[Bay 108 electrical panels]] on the wall behind; that space is now occupied by the [[pinball machine (Road Kings)|pinball machine]], while the vacuum cart is now to the right of the laser cutters.]]
[[Category:Showcase tools]][[Category:Plasticworking tools]][[Category:Woodworking tools]][[Category:Textileworking tools]][[Category:Computer-controlled tools]]  __TOC__  Arguably the most popular tool at Protospace, the '''Laser Cutterlaser cutter''' uses a CO<sub>2</sub> laser to cut & and engrave a variety of non-metal materials (though some metals can be engraved).
=== Software ===
We currently have '''LaserCut 6.0''' installed on the computer connected to the Laser Cutter. Unfortunately LaserCut 6.0 requires a USB dongle to be hooked up to the PC at all times as a form of [https[wikipedia:// Digital rights management|DRM]]. If you're running a personal copy you are restricted to a demo version (no saving - though there is a work around). Later versions (6.1+) have dropped the USB dongle requirement but can't communicate with our laser cutter directly.
==== Downloads ====
''123D Make'' ([ Direct from Autodesk]) for <i class="fa fa-windows"></i> Windows, <i class="fa fa-apple"></i> Mac, <i class="fa fa-apple"></i> iPad/iPhone <sup>Free</sup><br />
:A program for converting 3D models into pieces which can be laser cut & and attached together to form a fully 3D model out of laser cut materials ([ example]).
''Pepakura Designer'' ([ Direct from Tama Software]) for <i class="fa fa-windows"></i> Windows <sup>Paid, Demo</sup><br />
:A program for converting 3D models into origami style pages which can be printed, cut out by hand &and/or laser cut, then folded to form a 3D object ([ examples]).
=== Resources ===
The [ Powerpoint Presentationpresentation] that is shown as part of the laser certification process (December 8, 2015), useful as a refresher once you've completed your [[Laser_Certification|certification]].
[ TemplateMaker], a very useful Online tool for generating various custom boxes & and shapes that can be cut on the laser.
[ Wolfie's SVG Puzzle Generator], exports a randomly generated puzzle in SVG format which can be converted to DXF and then laser cut out of something (in order to make personalized puzzles).
[ MakerCase], generates a proper box with the option to set the thickness of the material & and pick which style of joints to use.
{{Warning|It is imperative that you do a [[Chlorine Testchlorine test]] on unapproved materials before working on them with the Laser Cutterlaser cutter.}}
* Can cut or etch up to 1/2" thick light materials such as woods and some plastics
{{box.Warning|Do not cut any chlorinated synthetics (some types of plastics & and rubbers)! The HCl vapors will damage the machine.}}
==Usage Notes==
* Complete [[Laser Certification]] to learn how to use the laser. Training is offered about once a month.
* Perform a simple [[Chlorine Testchlorine test]] on unapproved materials, as cutting or etching chlorinated materials damages the optics
* See [[Power Levels]] page for notes and details on cutting and etching various materials
* Power modulation is in a restricted range in the software due to a firmware bug (Approximately approximately 8%-30% represents 0%-100% power)
* Controller occasionally locks up after large cut jobs. E-stop immediately if job timer does not increment in first 5 seconds of job. Post to list for recovery instructions
* Consult our [[Laser Standard Operating Procedure]]
* Originally on loan for 6 months (ending Aug August 2012) in exchange for Protospace performing repairs.
** Loan has been extended.
Regular maintenance log:
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[[Category:Plasticworking tools]]
[[Category:Woodworking tools]]
[[Category:Textileworking tools]]
[[Category:Computer-controlled tools]]