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Updated to reflect current practices.
There are a different styles and options available and things may continue to change. This isn't a high security card, it's more of a name-tag with a picture.
Update: the ID card is now the default RFID key for the space, and is also used for discounts at local vendors.
== How do I get one? ==
=== In person ===
Byron will try Send your smiling mug to have the printer set up at least once In a month on a Tuesday night. Simply pinch, bring your face over to the camera (or a photo it on a USB stick), and if . Do this before you want it printed on your RFID card, bring your existing RFID card, tooare getting vetted. If you want to get a new RFID card speak to the issuer of RFID cards, asking him nicely if he will please reprogram the door to accept a new card for you.
=== By email ===
Pick a style from the choices, and send an email to Byron at Attach a decent head shot photograph of yourself. This is not a dating site. Be tasteful. Indicate when you joined if desired (or if you are a new member). If Let us know if you want a new to replace/update an RFID card, indicate that, and if there is /fob or just need a blank plastic one available, I will print on it, otherwise, it will be plain plastic (you will have to arrange to get your new RFID activated)for discounts.
Plain plastic cards and non-activated RFID cards can be left for you at the space. Active RFID cards will need to be claimed in person.
Please note that if I don't know you personallyBefore issuing a card, I may have to we verify that you are a member, and what your membership status is. If you are not current on dues, you will need to catch up to get a card.
== Is there a cost? ==
There is no cost to members.
Obviously, printer ribbons and blank cards aren't free, but the supplies are minimal -- the ribbon and blank plastic card costs less than a dollar, depending on shipping, and a new RFID card adds about 25 centsis under a dollar. There will be If you lose or destroy your card, a contribution jar, and acontribution of a toonie each time you replace a card would be excellent, a loonie would be cool, but this is not required.
== What do they look like? ==
=== New (Probationary) Members ===
New members may have ID cards once they have completed a form and paid their first dues, however, the card will not open the door and may look different. One reason for having an ID card was so they that new members could "introduce" themselves when asking for access to the space from full members. However, cards issued to non-full members will indicate the date the member joined and that he or she is a "new" member. While the bright yellow hazard-tape graphic was kinda cool, it was a bit over the top.
== Types of ID Cards ==
=== Plain Plastic ===
A plain plastic member ID card is available to all members, including probationary members who have not yet been vetted. Probationary member cards include the phrase "New Member" or similar and the month you joined. Full members may choose look different to show or clearly indicate that they are not show the date they joined Protospacea key.
=== RFID Card ===
# Do not ever, ever use a Sharpie to write the Alarm Code on your RFID card (even a blank one). No, not even then. Never.
# Ensure that the Alarm is on when you leave and secure the space.
# If you lose, misplace, give away, fold, spindle or mutilate your RFID card, or if it is stolen, immediately phone or email the Facilities Manager (Jim) or his designate and ask that it be deactivated. If it turns up, it can be turned back on. We'd much rather spend 50 cents replacing a card than deal with unauthorized entry.
== What else can we do? ==