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Full Member Subscriptions (recommended)

Existing Members

Get one month free if you pay for a full year!

Or start a subscription to pay automatically every month.

Or make a single, one-month payment.

Choose how you'd like to pay on the Member Portal.

New Members

New members can get the first three months for the price of two!

(That means the probationary month is on us)

Start a monthly payment plan, with a free month:

Sign up for membership on the Member Portal.

How to cancel a subscription

Simply email asking to cancel. If you have a PayPal account, be sure to log in and pause / cancel the recurring subscription.

Note to Directors: if the member doesn't have a PayPal account, follow these steps.

One Time Payment

One time payments can be made in person, using:

  • Cash (Please double-count it and get a computer-generated receipt)
  • Cheque or money order
  • Visa, MasterCard or American Express using Square or Dream Payments, our mobile payment processors
  • Debit (Interac) using Dream Payments

Electronically, we accept one-time payments using:

We don't currently accept Tangerine payments (Tangerine Customers should choose the "Interac" option).

Subsidized Member

Subsidized Memberships, often called Student Memberships, are our discounted memberships available to students, those with limited income, and those in special circumstances approved by the Directors or the Membership.

Existing Members

  1. Cancel any current Protospace PayPal subscriptions on your PayPal account
  2. Ask a director to change your monthly rate to the subsidized rate
  3. Start a new subscription on the Member Portal

New Members

  1. Visit Protospace and sign up on the Member Portal
  2. Ask a director to change your monthly rate to the subsidized rate
  3. Start a new PayPal subscription on the portal home page

Friends of Protospace

Our Friends are valued supporters and donors who believe in Protospace, but don't necessarily participate. Some are former members who have moved away. Some are parents or guardians of underage student members, or spouses of members. Other are just enthusiastic supporters of the maker culture. Friends are always welcome in the space, but they must be accompanied by a member except at public events. Friends cannot vote on member issues, and may have limited access to some tools or programs. We love and thank our friends for their donations and support!

Annual Donation of $110 per year | Monthly Donation of $10 per month | One-time Donation of $10

Friends usually donate $10 per month, or $110 per year. Larger donations may be made through a director or as a one-time payment.

Which Payment Method is "best"?

Thanks for asking. Seriously. It's great that members want to get the best bang for our membership buck!

The "best" method is an automatic monthly PayPal subscription.

Other payment methods (like cash, Square, Interact, or e-Transfer) all require manual processing and increase our volunteer's workload.

You can set up a subscription on the Member Portal.