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If a tool has been donated, semi-permanently loaned, or brought into the space for a specific short-term, it is encouraged to add the tool to the Tools We Have page. This will help prevent people from tampering, moving, modifying, or improperly using them. Follow this procedure.

Preparing to add a tool

Each tool is assigned a Wiki ID. This ID's are assigned in a chronological order.
The first step when adding a tool is to chose the next available ID number, which will be used when assigning the picture name, as well as creating a redirect page for short URL's.

To view the WIKI Id's the next available ID ( and the ID's that have been assigned) [1]

Adding the Picture

  • It is easiest to add the picture first. While encouraged, it's not necessary, a single text line with basic info is acceptable instead of an individual tool page.
  • When taking the picture, try to take it in good lighting in a blank (or cardboard/plywood) background. Then crop it accordingly.
    • Add a picture file, click the Special:Upload link on the left menu (or the one I just linked).
    • Give the picture an accurate and likely unique filename stating the tool name and brand or identifying color. Ex) "Sander_Orbital.jpg", "3DP_RepMan.jpg", "Scroll_Saw_Mastercraft.jpg"
    • Give the picture a short description and upload it.
  • Copy/remember the filename or leave that tab open, you'll need it right away.

Then you're ready to create a tool page.

Creating a Tool Page

  • Edit the Tools We Have page and insert a line to the appropriate alphabetical place. Copy and paste this, change it for your specific info:
    • File:Filename.jpg|[[Toolpage Name]]
  • It's easy to figure out, just copy the ones above or below it in the list except for the changes.
  • Preview, leave a comment on what you did, and then click Save Page.

The new tool page has now been created and linked in the Tools We Have document.

Adding Content to the Tool Page

  • Scroll until you find your tool in the list. The thumbnail should show up and the text below should be the red toolname page.
  • Click the red toolname page.
  • There is a template made (you can click that link to see more). Don't edit the Template. Use it. Copy and paste the following code into the edit box of the new tool page:
{{Template:Equipment page
  • Then fill in the missing info. Anything not applicable write N/A, anything unknown leave ?? so someone in the future can know it needs filing in.
    • If uncertain, look at other tool pages to get an idea, or read the template page.
    • Don't forget to insert the picture filename again (last line, between [[File:]] and .jpg| ).
    • Add in tool specs and explain briefly what the tool is and what it's used for.
  • Add sections below if relevant. Often "==Usage Notes==", "==Repair Notes==", are helpful.
  • Preview and see if it looks right. Save page.

Seeing Your Results

  • Click to return to Tools We Have, your red link should now be blue (or purple), and clicking it should bring you back to the tool page.
  • If this doesn't work, or you screwed up, ask someone for help.