Power supply, bench, 500 V (Heathkit PS-3) ID:27

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This power supply produces potentially dangerous voltages. Know high voltage safety before operating. Also, #18's metal case is currently ungrounded.

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Type Heathkit vacuum tube power supply
Make/Model Heathkit PS-3
Serial number #16 and #18 (previous owner's inventory numbers)
Original owner Protospace (#16), Jack S (#18)
Loan status Donation
Arrival date Several years before 2016 (#16), 2016-05-31 (#18)
Location Electronics room
Functional status Broken (#16), Working (#18)
Usage permissions Open to full members
Certification You should know high voltage safety
Wiki-ID 27
Label 1.0" 1.5" 2.0"


In May 2016, Ian O decided to get #16 working. He had heard from Matt F that Clint B had plugged it in and it produced no voltage. Ian disassembled it and tested the capacitors and resistors, finding them all within spec. He also started converting to use a modern grounded power cord (IEC 60320 C14 inlet/C13 cord) using a power inlet module taken from an unusable piece of equipment on the free shelf. He got most of the way through this conversion before Jack S brought in #18, which was already working, on May 31. The plan became to use #18 and keep #16 for parts. On the same day, he brought in his tube tester (B&K 700) to help Ian diagnose #16. All of the tubes it had tests for (i.e. not the 0A2s or the 1619s) tested good. Later, during Meet & Geek, Robb L's tube tester was used to test the same tubes with similar results.