Plasma cutter, huge (Powercut 1500) ID:51

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Type Plasma cutter
Make/Model Powercut 1500
Serial number ??
Original owner William
Loan status Donated to Protospace
Arrival date July 2012
Location Welding/Metalworking Shop
Functional status Near Functional (read Repair Notes)
Usage permissions Open to Members & Friends
Certification Must be certified
Wiki ID 51

Usage Notes

  • Cuts metal via plasma arc
  • Eye protection must be worn at all times, (welding helmet or oxy/ace goggles suffice)
  • Leather gloves/sleeves required
  • Place workpiece on a raised surface, do not cut flush against floor or workbench
  • Attach grounding clamp, ensure good contact (no paint)
  • Set cutting power & air pressure according to workpiece thickness
  • NEVER cut without air supply at sufficient pressure, requires airflow for cooling
  • DO NOT make contact with tip to workplace, this melts the tip.
  • Tips gradually wear out, are consumable.


  • 3ph input
  • 20-90A output
  • Requires high volume compressed air supply