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This page is archived as its information is no longer current.
Last update: in December 2013.
Current information on this subject can be found at nowhere.

Members Involved:

  • Bengizmo
  • Standard Toaster

Project Scope

To set up an open source GSM base station at the space.


I have in my possession 2 USRPs from Ettus Research for use with the OpenBTS software package.

Progress thus far

  • OpenBTS 2.6 was installed and tested last year at SAIT
  • USRPs are at the space.
  • Bengizmo has allocated a netbook for use with OpenBTS

To Do

  • Configure both USRPs with 52MHz TCXO clocks (might have to bug Eugene for this)
  • Install and configure OpenBTS 2.8
  • create a semi-permanent installation of OpenBTS at the space
  • Find a SIP/IAX provider to route calls through VoIP

Future Additions

  • Buy Range Networks OpenBTS development kit
  • set up more base stations in Calgary

--Bengizmo 01:54, 27 December 2011 (MST)