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Type Laser Cutter
Make/Model RL1290
Serial number ??
Original owner Brian Queen
Loan status Semi-Permanent Loan
Arrival date Before 2013
Location Main Bay
Functional status Limited Functionality (Nov 24, 2015)
Usage permissions Members & Friends Only
Certification Must complete Laser Certification
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Arguably the most popular tool at Protospace, the Laser Cutter uses a CO2 laser to cut & engrave a variety of non-metal materials (though some metals can be engraved).


We currently have LaserCut 5.3 installed on the computer connected to the Laser Cutter. Unfortunately LaserCut 5.3 requires a USB dongle to be hooked up to the PC at all times as a form of DRM. If you're running a personal copy you are restricted to a demo version (no saving - though there is a work around). Later versions (6.1+) have dropped the USB dongle requirement.


LaserCut 5.3 (Google Drive, Direct from Leetro)

The full version, but requires a special SenseLock USB Dongle to be connected to the PC running it or the software is limited to a demo mode (which is still useful for familiarizing yourself with the program).

It is imperative that you do a Chlorine Test on unapproved materials before working on them with the Laser Cutter


  • 80 watt
  • 4x3' CNC bed
  • Front shield can be dropped to insert pieces longer than 3'
  • Water cooled & Ducted
  • Can cut or etch up to 1/2" thick light materials such as woods and some plastics
  • Cannot cut any chlorinated synthetics (some types of plastics & rubbers)

Usage Notes

  • Complete Laser Certification to learn how to use the laser. Training is offered about once a month.
  • Perform a simple Chlorine Test on unapproved materials, as cutting or etching chlorinated materials damages the optics
  • See Power Levels page for notes and details on cutting and etching various materials
  • Power modulation is in a restricted range in the software due to a firmware bug (Approximately 8%-30% represents 0%-100% power)
  • Controller occasionally locks up after large cut jobs. E-stop immediately if job timer does not increment in first 5 seconds of job. Post to list for recovery instructions
  • Consult our Laser Standard Operating Procedure


  • Originally on loan for 6 months (ending Aug 2012) in exchange for Protospace performing repairs.
    • Loan has been extended.

Repairs Needed

  • Upgrades discussed
    • Adding air cooling to optics and laser head block
    • Convincing power supply to modulate power levels properly
    • Seal display on controller to prevent smoke from clouding over time.