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Inspection mirror, 18" gooseneck ID:97

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Type 18" gooseneck inspection mirror
Make/Model Princess Auto / Powerfist 2970229
Serial number n/a
Original owner Ian Oliver
Loan status Loan, to become donation
Arrival date 2016-02-17
Location Bay 108, on the shelf beside the bay printer
Functional status Working
Usage permissions Open to All
Certification None
Wiki ID 97


  • 21" overall length
  • 18" flexible length
  • 2" × 3" plastic mirror with rounded ends
  • Plastic double ball joint
  • Increased stiffness to prevent flopping over (10 AWG stranded wire inside gooseneck and heat shrink tube on the outside)
  • 9 mm hex on the gooseneck (handle end is probably a bit bigger now due to heat shrink tube)
  • 11 mm hex on the ball joint


The package said "Use as intended" and nothing else. So, do not just leave it sitting on the shelf. Use it.


This inspection mirror was bought and improved in stiffness by Ian on February 17, 2016, after he had to fashion an improvised inspection mirror a few weeks prior, and other members had expressed desire to have one more recently. He intends to further upgrade it with LEDs to illuminate the subject being inspected and a hook for hanging it.